About this project

In 2020, children accounted for 54% of all civilian land mine casualties, representing a 12% increase over the past two reporting years. In an effort to raise awareness about landmine contamination and casualties, the Mine Mark Foundation is organising an online exhibition showcasing drawings by children living in landmine contaminated areas and contrasting them with drawings done by children raised in peaceful, unaffected countries. 

showing the world through a child’s eyes

Children from several countries have participated in this exhibition namely, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Ukraine. This exhibition has been divided into four sections (Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Non-Conflict Countries) to contrast not just peace and conflict but also the many stages of conflict itself. You will observe these stages among the drawings of children from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By giving children a platform to tell their stories through drawings, we are able to show how their dreams are impacted by war and conflict. We hope this exhibition highlights the meaning of peace and dreams through a child’s perspective.