Loading Peace and Dreams

Imagine a child’s hopes, dreams and aspirations cut short in but an instant due to armed conflict and landmine contamination. Such is the reality of the children whose drawings are featured in our showcase, “Peace and Dreams”: A Child Perspective. These drawings will be juxtaposed to drawings from children who reside in countries unaffected by conflict.

Who are we?

The Mine Mark Foundation is a mine risk education initiative which aims to protect children and youths from landmines, cluster ammunition, and other explosive remnants of war (ERWs) in contaminated zones.  

Our mission is to reduce the number of casualties from ERWs by providing free and state-of-the-art mine risk education for our target group, children and adolescents. Our innovative translation of the United Nations Mine Action Service guidelines into cartoons and games helps to make life-saving information appealing and easy to understand for children. It equips children with the right tools to identify landmines and warning signs.  

Next to board games, cartoons and educational material, we will soon launch our own online platform where e-learning and educational video games are combined to make mine risk education interesting and accessible to children worldwide.

The Mine Mark Foundation is currently active in Azerbaijan and Ukraine, and we are working towards expanding our reach to Bosnia and Herzegovina. To know more about our cause and the work that we do, please visit our official website.